Personalized fitness and health begins with personalized insights.

CounselTrust, our certified genetic counseling network, is here to support companies, employees, their families, physicians, trainers, nutritionists and anyone else providing guidance to achieve wellness goals and reduce health risks.

While heredity from our parents does not change, lifestyles, age and fitness objectives do.


It all begins with LEAF...



We provide awareness and direction on fitness and wellness opportunities you may wish to pursue based upon:


LIKELIHOOD of known genetic predisposition  inheritance

Relevant EVIDENCE backed by peer reviewed journals


Known and emerging ACTIONABILITY to improve outcomes


FOLLOW-UP recommendations to ensure progress and success


Our counselors work with you and your support group to answer questions, provide clarity and strategy for health direction from your DNAFour discoveries.


“The CounselTrust staff was very knowledgeable. Although I was self-aware of most of my pre-dispositions and responses to exercise, they provided insights which helped to fine-tune routine exercises and daily eating habits to best fit my body."