Is employee data secure and private?

DNAFour HIPPA compliant cloud storage meets or exceeds industry security standards. Personal information, interactions and genetic data are separately stored along with de-identification. We do not share individual information with employers, insurance carriers or other parties unless specifically requested by employees. Employees may download and delete data at any time.

How do I meet with a counselor?

We facilitate the process and experience through a disruptive approach with board certified genetic counselors. Our priority is pre-meeting alignment to ensure effective sessions. This includes a pre-meeting questionnaire and voluntary, shared access to Genetic Compass mobile application and Compass Reports.

For reports and information from other genetic providers, our counselors may ask for additional information with strange names like 'rs numbers', genetic variants and PubMed evidence which are all critical for effective genetic counseling.  Additionally, your provider should provide your actual genetic data file which may also be helpful. If your provider is unable or unwilling to provide this information, we may not be able to provide  adequate counseling and will let you know up front.