Personalized fitness and health begins with personalized answers.

CounselTrust, our certified genetic counseling network, is here to support you and your physician, trainer, nutritionist, family and anyone else providing guidance to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Our counselors are here to provide ongoing support for you and those supporting your objectives. While our genetics do not change, lifestyles, age and fitness objectives do. We are here to support your objectives through a our 'LEAF' counselling support network.


It all begins with LEAF. 

We provide awareness and direction on support options you may wish to pursue based upon:

Likelihood you might experience a hereditary predispositon,

The Evidence behind it from peer reviewed journals

Known and emerging Actionability

Follow-up suggestions to ensure progress and success.

Our counselors work with you and your support group to answer questions, provide clarity and strategy for health directions froum your DNAFour discoveries